вторник, 24 август 2010 г.

Mcdonalds в Москва - 1990 г.

Жадни за чаша Кока - Кола или за нещо друго?

Годината е 1990. В Москва е открит първият Mcdonalds за Русия - най-големият към тогавашна дата с капацитет от 700 места и готов да обслужва 15 000 клиенти да ден. Проектът струва 50 млн. долара и отнема 14 години докато стане реалност.

Списание Time цитира един от инвеститорите, който казва: 

The biggest problem has been dealing with the Soviet ministries, which still adhere to rigid regulations in doling out precious supplies. Explains Cohon: "When we need more sand or gravel for building and go to the department in charge, they say, 'Sorry, you're not in my five-year plan."

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  1. Watch the Joneses you'll see the truth behind the consumer society

  2. You can't make bussiness like that. Look at the French, they just banned them and that is it, the end of the story. You don't say sorry, try next year. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. The only thing there is that they have smth that the world needs, and that is why they are still on the map, otherwise they will be deleted.